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We are a leading driving school in Surrey and your trusted partner in acquiring the skills and knowledge to become a confident and competent driver.

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Learners choose us because of the following qualities:

Expert Instructors

Our team of instructors are seasoned professionals who can assist you to learn driving in the best way possible. They are friendly, patient and knowledgeable so you will learn safe and unique driving skills easily that will enhance your confidence on the road.

Comprehensive Curriculum

As the best driving school in Surrey, we cater to the needs of both novice and experienced drivers and set the curriculum accordingly. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of driving, including driving control, parking, highway driving etc. Besides, we give detailed knowledge about traffic rules and traffic fines.

Personalized Approach

Not every driver is equally swift in learning driving techniques. Thus, we take personalized care of each driver and ensure they can comfortably at their pace. Our instructors are passionate about taking care of every individual and helping them to become a confident drivers by breaking their initial nervousness.
The Best Driving School in Surrey

Our Special

At Lucky Driving School in Surrey, you will
get two special training courses, defensive driving and
traffic survival driving class. Let’s have a look at what
you will get from these classes

Defensive Driving Class

In this proactive training session, you will learn different road safety approaches while driving. You will know about:

  • Accident prevention
  • Collision avoidance
  • Hazardous awareness
  • Confident driving
  • Knowledge about insurance
  • Court requirements



Traffic Survival Course

Traffic survival class is a comprehensive program that will make you more skilled to handle traffic-related matters in the present-day road situation. In our traffic survival class you will learn:

  • Risk assessment
  • Defensive approaches
  • Advanced driving skills
  • Ethical driving
  • Knowledge about road law and regulation
  • Traffic hazard avoidance and prevention

Satisfied Customer Reviews

We have a strong base of satisfied customers who learned from our driving school in Surrey and have become confident drivers over time. They exclusively praise our personalized effort of teaching, helpful course structure and affordable fees.

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